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Wear‘em out are a pretty darn cool, totally reliable and efficient re-useable pad for you to use when you period. It’s for all you eco-curious, modern people out there.
The average woman or person who periods uses 22 disposable sanitary products per period. Why not save your cash for something better? We vote ice cream.
Wear‘em out are the reusable period pads every woman needs to get excited about their period again: breathable fabrics, no smell, designed for extreme comfort and with the confidence that it won’t leak!
The pads range from the Mini Flo, useful for barely-there bleeds, everyday freshness and even bladder weakness, whatever you’re using a panty liner for. The Medium Flo is like a ‘normal’ disposable, for normal blood loss (and bladder weakness). And the Mega Flo is for those heavier bleeding days or night-time bleeds, and the biggest pad is the Mega-Mega Flo, which does what it says on the packet: it’s designed for post-birth and problematic, heavier than ‘normal’ bleeds, and also, perfect for a confident good nights sleep.
We can’t let big brands dictate how we manage our bodies. Let’s keep the conversation flowing, and together we can help each other find #anewwaytoperiod

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The must-have reusable period pads to Wear’em out

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