About Brand

Xoomba brings the vivacious African culture in a collection of organic cotton garments.
Xoomba is a feisty young design company with a goal of making fashion harmless. The brand produces handmade, organic clothing and textiles in Burkina Faso, West Africa.
The brand abides by the highest environmental and ethical standards to create sustainable livelihoods in Sub Saharan Africa and deliver our products at accessible prices.
In this sense, Xoomba is not just committed to using organic and fair trade certified cotton, but also to grow it and develop an infrastructure in Burkina with cotton plantations. There, small teams of dyers, weavers, designers and tailors are making these garments that will make you want to dance!
Xoomba’s research has found about a non-toxic pre-treatment of the cotton to achieve optimal dye exhaustion. Challenges and also many successes around this brand of organic cotton garments to make organic fashion happening in West Africa.

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