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Yogasana mats are handwoven by artisans near the birthplace of yoga and created to return your practice to nature.
Each mat takes ten days to make because it is completely made by hand by the master weavers in the ancient city of Benares, India. These are even signed, and the signature on the mat represents “the hand-off from his hands to yours”. For every mat sold, the brand donates towards the education of the children of our production workers. If a yogi chooses to make a contribution when buying a mat, 100% of the donation goes to this cause.
“Most yoga mats are made by machine. Ours are woven by hand. Each mat takes 10 days to make. This includes 3 days on the loom of a weaver; then he signs a card that's attached to the mat. This represents the hand-off from weaver to yogi.”

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