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Carolina Morning (aka Zafu) since 1984 has helped thousands of people around the world to turn their homes, offices, bedrooms and yoga spaces into healing sanctuaries. Their simple organic bedroom and living room furniture, office furniture, and eco yoga/meditation props are designed with the best natural materials, including organic cotton, eco-wool, chemical-free kapok, buckwheat hulls, sustainably harvested hardwoods, and non-toxic finishes.
Zafu’s designs are inspired from traditional floor based cultures such as Vedic, Taoist, and Native American who used the floor to create simple and elegant surroundings. The brand has developed a line of meditation and yoga props as well as minimalist modular furniture based on these same traditions.
On their quest for a simpler life and safer environment Zafu became pioneers in what is now the Green Building movement. This design approach provides a different comfort that goes much deeper: their products help you get in touch with your body, harnessing the power of breath and prana/chi/kundalini, to bring you closer to the earth and source/spirit.
Further on Zafu’s green practices, their products are made from meticulously sourced organic, eco and/or recycled materials including recycled cotton, organic cotton, kapok, buckwheat, organic flax, 100% recycled wood non-toxic Medite 2 fiberboard, organic beeswax, pine resin, and linseed wood finish. The brand buys domestically produced and local/regional materials as often as possible. Also, they have eliminated most plastic from packaging, and are diligently researching alternatives. Also, Zafu employs LEAN-manufacturing techniques, which makes their operation super efficient and competitive. The brand is constantly working on reducing our energy needs. Not to mention their employees live nearby in a rural Appalachian region, preventing extra driving and helping the local economy.
Zafu Organic Cotton Yoga Straps: great for your favorite asanas, these Organic Cotton Yoga Strap will help you deepen stretches, achieve hard to reach poses, improve your flexibility and add challenge to your workouts.
Zafu Buckwheat Yoga Block: an award-winning earth-friendly yoga block that is firm for proper support yet soft enough to use for poses where a hard block would not work. Excellent for assisting people with limited flexibility. Offered in a variety of colors and includes a removable cover with handle for easy transport.The materials used are organic cotton, eco-friendly dyes and stuffed with buckwheat hulls.
Zafu handcrafted, chenille herringbone blanket: this blanket has hemmed edges and gets softer after every wash. Domestically grown and milled 100% organic cotton, made of chenille herringbone with hemmed edges. Comes in two colors, Natural or Cocoa and three of sizes.
Zafu Organic Yoga Bolster: this bolster brings a removable and washable cover, which is made from 100 per cent organic cotton muslin, and the filling is organic, dust-mite-resistant kapok (a natural fiber harvested from the seed pods of the kapok tree). The combination makes it firm but comfortable support for a variety of stretching and resting asanas.

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