About Brand

Founded by Zisan Buga and Max Reinhardt, ZAMT is bold but conscious, contemporary but timeless.
With a background in fashion and architecture, founders share the love and fascination for beautiful objects - sculptural, tactile, enigmatic in colour & material, unique in terms of pattern or olfactory. Beauty and distinctiveness has plenty of facets and adding to the beauty of the world is what drives us - but they want to do it the right way.
Each ZAMT piece in their collection is created by the best European artisans using eco - friendly premium materials, from carefully selected European suppliers, inspired and centered around our design ideals - bold, eco and able to stand the test of time.
The brand aims to create essential pieces that are fair and eco-friendly but do not compromise on style. Their suppliers and manufacturers are selected with great care, ensuring a non-exploitative environment, fair working conditions and a love for nature and preservation that compliments ZAMT.
Their leather comes from a third-generation family-run tannery in Tuscany that has mastered the artisanal process of vegetable tanning using organic tannins for a natural, environment-friendly tanning process.
The hides are a by-product of the meat industry and would, if not refined into leather otherwise be disposed of. Their tanneries only use European hides minimizing the negative effects of transport and guaranteeing that the raw materials are not treated with environmentally harming conservatives such as tanning salts used in the chrome tanning process.

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