About Brand

ZENZ was founded by Anne-Sophie Skjødt Villumsen, a Danish hairdresser who developed all sorts of allergies towards chemicals in hair products. Instead of changing careers, she started the first green hair salon in Denmark and even launched an eco-friendly hair care company, ZENZ Organic Hair.
Their organic dandruff shampoo for dry scalp is made with organic anti-dandruff components that help create a healthy scalp environment without irritation and risk of allergies. Aside from their amazing shampoos, there are also organic conditioners, styling waxes, and water sprays, so you can switch your entire hair care regimen for these organic products.
ZENZ uses organic and natural ingredients (the two main ones are aloe vera and avocado oil). The range is certified vegan, cruelty-free, allergen-free, and Ecorcert COSMOS organic. The packaging, is recyclable and the brand has started using recycled ocean plastic waste.

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