About Brand

Zkano is a sustainable socks brand brand made in and knitted with USA grown cotton.
At zkano they are passionate about making there socks, right in Fort Payne, Alabama. And they also care deeply about where their raw materials come from.
The organic cotton used for the colourful collection of socks is grown, spun and dyed in the U.S. and they actually know who they’re working with every step of the way. Their cotton farmers and yarn spinners are kind, hard-working people in West Texas and North Carolina — which means their socks are born and bred in the South.
Partnering with folks right in their local area, at home, allows them to ensure our socks are some of the most comfortable, durable, and environmentally-friendly ones around.
Nestled in the foothills of the Appalachian mountains, just west of the little river canyon, you’ll find fort Payne — the former “sock capital of the world.” The once-booming hosiery industry of fort payne was hit hard in the early 2000s when most textile manufacturing moved off-shore. At zkano, they are honored to continue Fort Payne's rich sock making tradition at our family mill.
Giving and recycling. Zkano’s irregular socks are donated to homelessness shelters and community organizations in Alabama. From the socks that are not fit for donations, along with any manufacturing waste, are repurposed or recycled. When recycled, these are transformed into fiber used for carpet padding in the automotive industry.

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