About Brand

ZOLA AMOUR is on a journey to a clothing industry that cares. The brand brings a collection of sustainably & ethically-made “to order” lounge wear, designed by Emily, and handmade to perfection for you by Mims, right in the UK.

They use only the highest quality certified organic fabrics that have been grown, farmed, and knitted fairly and stitch each and every product using organic cotton thread. This ensures that their products are able to return to the earth once they have been worn and loved for years. ZOLA AMOUR shows the supply chain from organic certified cotton farms till the fibre makes its way to their workshop. They work directly with a farming family in India to grow the GOTS certified cotton that they use to knit the fabrics.
Emily and Mims hand-make each item to order in the UK, to ensure that they do not overproduce and that nothing is wasted. To date, at ZOLA AMOUR they have kept or recycled each and every offcut of fabric and are developing methods of re-purposing these.

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